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When we began in 1997, we had seen many great African American superheroes in comics, but we never saw an iconic African American superhero team. We didn’t have our Justice League, our Avengers. We, as comic book fans of color, young and old, didn’t have a universe where our heroes reside...


... Griot Enterprises filled that void.


In the 21st Century, what was once a desert has now become a lush and thriving oasis. The comic book landscape has become more diverse, more colorful and more interesting…


And we’re still telling great stories featuring characters of color.


We’ve remained true to our vision and our work. We still take no shorts. We still create innovative concepts, establish new trends, 
and produce high-quality products.


25 years old and we’re still pushing the envelope. Griot Enterprises is a vanguard of entertainment… You better recognize! 

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