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These are our heroes...

The comic book market needs to continue developing innovative concepts
that represent the world in order to thrive in an arena in which they have
to garner attention from the movie and the video game industries as well
as the buying public at large.


And honestly, Black Superheroes are cool.

Written, illustrated and created by: 
Jiba Molei Anderson


The Annexation is at hand. After years of conflict, the Utopia is finally on the brink
of bringing the Outworld back into the Collective's fold, The Master Teachers are all
but a fading memory…


… And in the celestial wilderness, the Second Revolution is about to begin.


They have been outlawed and hunted to the brink of extinction. The Diaspora,
once devoted to peace and diversity, has become the Utopia, dedicated to war,
subjugation and destruction. However, a rag tag band of rebels holds the key to the Diaspora’s liberation and will ignite a revolution that will bring justice to a galaxy.


ISBN: 978-1503207516


PRINT: $14.99

DIGITAL: $5.99


Written and created by: La Morris Richmond

Illustrated by: Jiba Molei Anderson, Barton McGee,
Andrew Mitchell Kudelka & Seitu Hayden


He rose up against those who oppressed his people. Using an image meant
to denigrate a race, he united a people and created a mighty nation. Now,
he must rise again to save the nation he created from the corruption within.


The controversial mini-series is now at Griot Enterprises. JBD is a pulp hero
for a new millenium… Give the Devil his due!



Jigaboo Devil is © La Morris Richmond Holdings


ISBN: 978-1494359003


PRINT: $24.99

DIGITAL: $9.99



Written, illustrated and created by:
Kenjji Jumanne-Marshall


A revealing vision of the true nature of Voodoo follows

the unpredictable travels of Dr. Jovan Carrington, and
unfolds a tale of Black history, revolution and vengeance.


Includes the Voodoo Child, Family Ties, School Spirit

and Blind Faith arcs of the first series.


Witchdoctor is © Kenjji Jumanne-Marshall


ISBN: 978-1503114845


PRINT: $19.99

DIGITAL: $9.99




Written and created by: La Morris Richmond

Illustrated by: Larry Chy


In 1847, Buddhist monks, aided by members of the heroic Ling Family, fight a pitched battle to rid China of monsters that are feeding on the populace. Today, members of the heroic Ling Family fight a pitched battle to rid Chicago of monsters that are feeding on the populace!  What's the difference between then and now? Canton Kid — And the Kid kicks A$$!


Set in a neo-futuristic Chicago, Canton Kid is a thrilling combination of classic Hong Kong Cinema action and tongue-in-cheek action!



Canton Kid is © La Morris Richmond Holdings


ISBN: 978-1503157972


PRINT: $24.99

DIGITAL: $9.99




Written and created by: La Morris Richmond

Illustrated by: Roberto Goiriz


Welcome to Stagnation, Oklahoma 1872, where in this notoriously wild, wide open town of ill repute, a murderous rampage has set in motion a chain of events with devastating consequences. Thrust into this chaotic fray is U.S. Marshal John-Nathan Axelrodd, who must take control of the volatile situation and use it to bring down the territory's most feared outlaw horde — The Riftkind Gang!


Purge is © La Morris Richmond Holdings


ISBN: 978-1503180888


PRINT: $24.99

DIGITAL: $9.99




Written by: Jiba Molei Anderson & Christian Beranek

Illustrated by: Dennis Calero, Klebs Junior,
Chris Moreno & Chris Soriano


We see this world through the eyes of the poets that live in it … and from the legends that left their mark on it.


The best of those who use the voice of Hip Hop aren’t called rappers. Nah, playboy.
They’re called
MCs. You can’t ignore the MC. The MC doesn’t speak to you. They preach
to you. They are the storytellers.
Sometimes, it’s about the party. Other times, they’re giving props to their hood. Some have their fists raised in protest while others educate the world through real talk, in a language that people can understand. Cats like DMX, Tupac and Rakim, they deliver the truth and their words have changed the world.


He has d’Cyphered the message.He broke the code... And, it’s Crates' job
to share this knowledge with you. 

PRINT: $24.99

DIGITAL: $9.99



Written and created by: Jiba Molei Anderson

Illustrated by: Jiba Molei Anderson


His nephew, Hemedi, fatally wounded him with a copper needle dipped in poison.
As the poison burned in his veins, he knelt leaning against his bow so that his death
would not be seen. However, Lionogo was not dead, merely sleeping. As a son of the Earth, so long as his feet touched ground, he could not truly perish.  
Released by the Sunbird Rehema, Lionogo must find his voice to sing the song that will bring salvation to all of creation.  A truly unique storytelling experience, The Song of Lionogo is an interactive graphic novel created for the Smithsonian National Museum of African Art.


The Song of Lionogo: An Indian Ocean Myhtological Remix is © The Smithsonian National Museum of African Art


ISBN: 978-1505828078




Written by: Jiba Molei Anderson

Illustrated by: Jiba Molei Anderson

Griot Enterprises returns to the format that put the company on the map with three stories from the company's past, present and future.


With this one-shot, we’re going back to the beginning while moving forward. We’ve got The Song of Lionogo: An Indian Ocean Mythological Remix, a fantasy tale that was created for the Smithsonian National Museum of African Art. Next up is an unused tale of social justice featuring characters from the sci-fi, Kung-Fu epic Outworld. You’ll learn the secret origin of the New Mythology in a all-new Horsemen tale. Finally, we will witness the beginning of The New Mythology in The Consonance, the heroes of legend that pre-date The Horsemen themselves and more in this 48-page spectacular!

PRINT: $9.99

DIGITAL: $4.99


Written and illustrated by: Jiba Molei Anderson


Enter a world where African folklore meets Two-fisted Blaxploitation action. Discover a hidden universe where deep self-hate manifests an immortal killer while a spiritual paradise falls to rebellion; where augmented super-spies save the world, the undead rule the nightlife…

And a new hero rises bringing justice to the gates of Hell.

The Dark Kingdom is the secret universe that exists in the role-playing games published by Onyx Path Publishing. Collected for the first time, experience the shadow path of The Blaxis before starting your next campaign.


ISBN: 979-8378911424


PRINT: $14.99

DIGITAL: $9.99

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