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Jiba Molei Anderson is the owner of Griot Enterprises and creator of its flagship property
The Horsemen. He has also written the educational text
Manifesto: The Tao of Jiba Molei Anderson as well as Chronicle: The Art of Jiba Molei Anderson, and maintains The Afrosoul Chronicles a blog dedicated to the discussion of race, politics and the business of popular culture.


Mr. Anderson is also a part of the fine art community having various one-man and group
shows including being featured in the book
Black Comix and guest lecturing at The School
of the Art Institute of Chicago
and The Smithsonian National Museum of African Art
with The Horsemen’s inclusion in The Smithsonian’s permanent library.


In addition, Mr. Anderson has been interviewed for various publications like GQ Magazine and
New York Times and has written articles for various magazines such as LaRana de Sevilla and other online journals.


Currently, Mr. Anderson is a Part-Time Lecturer at Chicago State University, teaching courses
in Animation, Multimedia and Video Game Design and speaks across the country promoting comic books and graphic novels as tools for education in the exploration of race, culture and identity.

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